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Bitcoin community

What's better than one Bitcoiner?

Two Bitcoiners!

Welcome to the Bitcoin community page of Bitcoin-Partner! Here you will find an overview of various websites that focus on Bitcoin communities.

Bitcoiners are a diverse group of people who are into all things Bitcoin. This can range from developing new technologies and applications to sharing knowledge and experiences about using Bitcoin.

These partners aim to allow Bitcoiners to meet, discuss and collaborate on projects. This way you can connect with other Bitcoiners, investors, developers and industry experts.

Whether you're new to the Bitcoin scene or a seasoned veteran, finding like-minded people and building valuable relationships within the various Bitcoin communities feels immensely familiar.

Check out the partners that focus on Bitcoin communities below and find your tribe:

Bitcoin events

Check out all Bitcoin events  and meet Bitcoiners in the wild. Do you want to organize a Bitcoin meetup in your city? Promote it here!

Orange pill app

Orange Pill App is a members-only social network, available for iOS & Android, that facilitate IRL connections between Bitcoiners


Best for last: the legendary group of toxic maxis, the Noderunners. They don't like us, we don't care.

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