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Hardware wallets

A hardware wallet is a device that holds the key to your Bitcoin. The Bitcoin itself is not stored on the hardware wallet, but on the blockchain. You store a seedphrase on a hardware wallet: 12 or 24 words that give access to your Bitcoin. These words are your biggest financial secret and therefore deserve the utmost attention. 

Which hardware wallet should I buy? 

You want a hardware wallet that is safe, reliable and user-friendly, that guarantees only you have access to your Bitcoin. 

You came to the right place, because despite the fact that more and more providers are developing Bitcoin tools, you will only find the best hardware wallets via Bitcoin-Partner.

PS don't know how this works? Please be careful and avoid costly mistakes. Click here to schedule an informative call with Aaron.

coldcard bitcoin hardware wallet
Blockstream Jade Bitcoin hardware wallet!

Purchase your Bitcoin hardware wallet directly from the manufacturer. The Coldcard is perhaps the safest hardware wallet for storing your Bitcoin.Via the link above you get a 5% discount on a Coldcard and/or a Blockclock.There might be an extra discount when you pay with Bitcoin!

Bitbox02 bitcoin only hardware wallet

Order your Bitcoin hardware wallet directly from the manufacturer via this link. The BitBox02 is highly rated in the Bitcoin community for its security and ease of use. Use the link above to get a 5% discount on the BitBox02 Bitcoin only edition!

Blockstream Jade is a safe, reliable and open source hardware wallet for securing your Bitcoin. Nevertheless, it is an affordable and easy-to-use hardware wallet that you can order here directly from the manufacturer. You also get a 10% discount with promotion code Bitcoin-Partner!

Passport Bitcoin hardware wallet Foundation devices

Order your Bitcoin hardware wallet directly from the manufacturer. Passport by Foundation Devices is a FOSS hardware wallet for sovereign individuals. 

Seedsigner offline signing device

The seedsigner is an offline device for signing "air-gaped" Bitcoin transactions. Build your own Seedsigner with help from the open source community!

Bitcoin Brabant Bitcoin hardware wallets

No time for long delivery times and import duties? Bitcoin Brabant is the official European reseller of the Blockstream Jade and Passport by Foundation Devices. Your data is guaranteed to be deleted after purchase and the Jade will be shipped in a secure tamper evident bag.

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