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Promo codes, discounts and coupons from high quality Bitcoin companies. Find signal in the noise with Bitcoin-Partner!

Anyone who creates value for society and saves the fruits of his labour in Bitcoin, contributes to a stronger network and a better quality of life. Not only for other Bitcoiners but for everyone in the world.


Bitcoin encourages and rewards collaboration. 

That's why you can find everything you need for your Bitcoin stack on this page to reach financial independence. You can also find discount codes for products and services from our partners. Let me know if you want assistance to create a customized Bitcoin toolkit. Check out the different categories below, please contact me if you believe I should add a valuable partner and subscribe to the newsletter!  

By using these affiliate codes and links you often get a nice discount! I may receive a small commission for this, see my transparancy about this in the disclaimer.

Bitcoin-Partner logo

Refer a friend to Bitcoin-Partner. With a minimum spend of €500.- on Bitcoin-Partner services, you receive 50.- in Satoshi's over the Lightning network. 

Konsensus Network buy Bitcoin books at a discount

Education is key when it comes to your personal development. Order Bitcoin books and use code: Bitcoin-Partner for 10% discount at checkout!

Saylor academy free education with diploma

Saylor Academy makes knowledge and personal development available to everyone! Learn new skills or advance your career at your own pace, free courses with certificate at Saylor Academy.

Bitcoin Focus Newsletter

A premium newsletter for Dutch Bitcoiners:

- news;

- quality articles;

- interviews;

- exclusive series.

Sign up here if you want to receive a Dutch Bitcoin newsletter in your mailbox three times a week! 

SHAmory bitcoin cardgame

Looking for a fun and educational way for you and your kids to learn about Bitcoin? SHAmory’s STEM Authenticated books and game make it easy for anyone to dive down the rabbit hole.

Order today and use the code bitcoinpartner for a 10% discount at checkout.

Learned enough to buy Bitcoin?

Relai swiss wallet buy bitcoin without KYC

Easily buy Bitcoin up to €900.-  per day without KYC verification on Relai app.

Use code BITCOIN-PARTNER for a 0.5% reduction on transaction costs. As soon as you set up an auto-invest plan of more than €100.- you reduce the transaction costs by another 1%.

Bitcoin Reserve Buy Bitcoin

Bitcoin Reserve helps serious investors participate in the Bitcoin revolution. Through this link, you will receive €50.- discount on your fees with a first purchase of at least 3000.-! They have very competitive rates for Bitcoin purchases of more than €5000. Special guidance for high net worth individuals and institutions from €50,000.

Bittr Bitcoin buying without KYC

Buy and receive Bitcoin directly in your own wallet. Up to €900.- per day without KYC registration! Bittr is registered in Switzerland: easy, user-friendly and transparent.

Peach: buy and sell Bitcoin without KYC

At Peach, you buy or sell KYC freely from other peers. This makes Bitcoin buying and selling private. So you don't buy Bitcoin from Peach, but via their platform.

Use referral code BITCOINPARTNER to claim your in-app reward.


Hodl Hodl is a KYC free peer-to-peer Bitcoin platform. The platform is committed to the privacy and security of users.
Register through this link or use referral code RKAJ and get a lifetime reduced transaction fees of 0.55%!

Bisq decentralized bitcoin trading platform

Decentralized Bitcoin trading network for the advanced: buy and sell your Bitcoin here. Private by default, secure by design and free as in freedom.

Coinkite Coldcard hardware wallet

Order your Bitcoin hardware wallet directly from the manufacturer. The Coldcard is perhaps the safest hardware wallet for storing your Bitcoin.Via the link above you get a 5% discount on a Coldcard and/or a Blockclock.There might be an extra discount when you pay with Bitcoin!

Shift crypto Bitbox02 Swiss wallet

Order your Bitcoin hardware wallet directly from the manufacturer via this link. The BitBox02 is highly regarded in the Bitcoin community for its security and ease of use.Via the link above you get a 5% discount on the BitBox02!

Foundation devices passport Bitcoin hardware wallet

Order your Bitcoin hardware wallet directly from the manufacturer. Passport by Foundation is a FOSS hardware wallet for sovereign individuals.

Blockstream Jade Bitcoin hardware wallet

Blockstream Jade is a safe, reliable and open source hardware wallet for securing your Bitcoin. Nevertheless, it is an affordable and easy-to-use hardware wallet that you can order here directly from the manufacturer. You also get a 10% discount with promotion code Bitcoin-Partner!

Seedsigner a do it yourself hardware wallet

SeedSigner offers an inexpensive way to build an offline, air-gapped Bitcoin hardware wallet using off-the-shelf components for less than $50. 

Are you ready for the next step in Bitcoin self custody?

Sparrow Bitcoin desktop wallet

Sparrow is a desktop Bitcoin wallet for people who value financial sovereignty. Sparrow emphasizes security, privacy and user-friendliness. 

Bitcoin en lightning wallet Bluewallet

Bluewallet is a user-friendly mobile Bitcoin wallet for everyone.

Radically simple, extremely powerful. 

Muun multisig bitcoin en lightning wallet

Muun is a self-custodial wallet for Bitcoin and Lightning. 

Simple and powerful, just like Bitcoin.

Blockstream green Bitcoin software wallet

Blockstream Green is a secure, reliable and user-friendly Bitcoin software wallet. Incl. 2FA for added security. Download the Blockstream Green software wallet for free and connect it to your own node and hardware wallet.

BTCPay server payment processor

The best way to accept Bitcoin. No costs, no middleman. Free, open source and self-hosted Bitcoin payment processor for sovereign individuals and businesses.

Lighting checkout

Are you looking for a custodial Bitcoin payment provider?

Contact Lightning Checkout if you need a Bitcoin point of sale, Bitcoin webshop payments or other custom work.

You can test a Lightning Checkout implementation here.

Proton encrypted email vpn calendar drive
Sync cloud storage

Considering contributing to the Bitcoin network?

To protect your data & privacy online you get viathis link33% discount on a 2 year subscription incl. ProtonMail, high speed ProtonVPN, ProtonCalendar and 500GB cloud storage with ProtonDrive!

Sync is a secure and encrypted cloud storage provider that takes your privacy seriously. Create an account with Sync and protect your files.Use ref. code 71f7aa390 for free 1GB  additional storage space.

Start9 Labs personal server

Order your own personal server from Start9 on which you can install free & open source software. The revolution in the way we use software.Use code Bitcoin-Partner for 11% off almost everything at checkout.

Blockstream hosted mining

Blockstream Mining reduces risk and lowers the threshold to participate in the proof-of-work process. Through their hosted mining services, they make it easy for anyone to mine!

Sazmining hosted mining for individuals

Do you want to mine Bitcoin but outsource the hosting of your miners to professionals? Check out Sazmining's hosted options.

Buy your mining hardware at Mining wholesale

Mining Wholesale is a European company that, since 2013, focuses on selling Bitcoin mining equipment such as graphics cards, ASIC miners and accessories. 

Blockstream Satelliet

Blockstream Satellite offers an alternative way to receive the Bitcoin blockchain through a satellite connection. This protects users from network problems and prevents a node from becoming isolated. In short, with Blockstream Satellite you stay connected to the Bitcoin network, even without internet.

Bitcoin Brabant Bitcoin mining

Bitcoin Brabant is an expert in Bitcoin mining. Want to build a mining facility, heat business premises or use excesive energy more effectively?

Bitcoin Brabant offers a tailor-made solution.

Satsback, earning Bitcoin from online shopping

Earning Bitcoin with online shopping has never been easier with Satsback.  Thuisbezorgd,,, Mediamarkt, Bijenkorf and many more online retailers.

The Bitcoin company, earn Bitcoin

The Bitcoin Company makes Bitcoin accessible to everyone. Download the app that earns you free Bitcoin while shopping. Create an account with referral code "BITCOINPARTNER" for some free Satoshi's!

Bitrefill, Bitcoin gift cards

Buy Bitcoin gift cards and spend your Bitcoin via Bitrefill!

Bitcoin job at Bitcoiner jobs

Build in the Bitcoin industry as an employee or employer! 

FindaVA Virtual assistant work


Create your own income as skilled professional!
On FindaVA you are visible to a worldwide clientpool.
You can also find online support for your company.

Bitcoin job at Bitcoin Jobs

Easily find a talented employee or your new Bitcoin job here!

Bitcoin Talent recruitment services

Recruitment services for businesses focused on Bitcoin. Do you want to work in Bitcoin?

Fountain podcast app

Fountain is the only place where both listeners and podcasters are rewarded for the value they bring to others.

BTC Map, find where they accept Bitcoin

The easiest way to find out where to spend your sats. You can also help to add new locations!

Bitcoin events

Check out all Bitcoin events  and meet Bitcoiners in the wild. Do you want to organize a Bitcoin meetup in your city? Promote it here!

Orange pill app

Orange Pill App is a members-only social network, available for iOS & Android, that facilitate IRL connections between Bitcoiners


Best for last: the legendary group of toxic maxis, the Noderunners. They don't like us, we don't care.

Congratulations you are now a real Bitcoiner!

You can say goodbye to the fiat network bit by bit. 
Still need banking services? Then consider a Bitcoin-friendly bank.



Create a Revolut account for banking services with a Bitcoin friendly bank. Please contact us for a referral code, but do NOT buy Bitcoin here!
This is where you buy Bitcoin.

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