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Bitcoin economy

Welcome to the Bitcoin economy page of Bitcoin-Partner! Here you will find an overview of companies that use Bitcoin to make daily life easier and more efficient. From gift cards to rewards for online spending, and from companies focused on the Bitcoin job market to podcasts that keep you up-to-date on the latest developments in the world of Bitcoin. Discover where you can spend your Bitcoin and be a part of the Bitcoin economy!

Bitcoin is revolutionizing the way we think about how we create value and generate income. Micropayments through borderless and permissionless money in an online 24/7 economy changes everything. Bitcoin accelerates the transition to performance-based and location-independent working.

Many Bitcoiners, after absorbing many hours of Bitcoin education, find out that they are not contributing to the world they want to see through their fiat job. 

Do you spend hours of your boss's time just reading Bitcoin articles? Do you want to work with brilliant Bitcoiners and build a stronger ecosystem? Then find your new Bitcoin job here. Or start your own company, post your vacancies here and attract talent from all over the world.

Are you an online entrepreneur, are you looking for customers and do you want to generate income worldwide in Bitcoin? Or are you looking for a skilled worker to support you part-time with your Bitcoin mission? Here you will find reinforcements! 

Satsback, earn Bitcoin with online shopping

Earning Bitcoin with online shopping has never been easier with Satsback.  Thuisbezorgd,,, Mediamarkt, Bijenkorf and many more online retailers.

The Bitcoin company

The Bitcoin Company makes Bitcoin accessible to everyone. Download the app that earns you free Bitcoin while shopping. Create an account with referral code "BITCOINPARTNER" for some free Satoshi's!

Bitrefill, giftcards

Buy Bitcoin gift cards and spend your Bitcoin via Bitrefill!

Bitcoin job at Bitcoiner jobs

Build the Bitcoin industry as an employee or employer! 

FindaVA, virtual assistant

Create your own income as skilled professional! On FindaVA you are visible to a worldwide clientpool. You can also find online support for your company.

Bitcoin job at Bitcoin Jobs

Easily find a talented employee or your new Bitcoin job here!

Bitcoin Talent recruitment services

Recruitment services for businesses focused on Bitcoin. Do you want to work in Bitcoin?

Fountain podcast app

Fountain is the only place where both listeners and podcasters are rewarded for the value they bring to others.

BTC Map, where do they accept bitcoin?

The easiest way to find out where to spend your sats. You can also help to add new locations!

Where can you spend your Bitcoin?

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