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Nodes & Mining

Welcome to Bitcoin-Partner's Nodes & Mining page! Here you will find an overview of companies that are involved in strengthening the Bitcoin network through nodes and miners.

Nodes are the backbone of the Bitcoin network and play an important role in validating transactions. By running a node you help strengthening the network and contribute to the decentralization of Bitcoin. Via your own node you decide which version of the Bitcoin rules you apply for your Bitcoin.

Miners ensure that transactions are processed and added to the blockchain. By providing computing power to the network, miners receive rewards in the form of Bitcoin.

You've come to the right place if you want to contribute to a stronger and more reliable Bitcoin network. Whether you run a node or provide computing power to the network, your contribution is invaluable to Bitcoin's future. And if you need a little extra help getting started, I offer online support to guide you through the process.

"Not your keys, not your Bitcoin¨

"Not your node, not your rules"

Start9 Labs personal server

Order your own personal server from Start9 on which you can install free & open source software. The revolution in the way we use software.Use code Bitcoin-Partner for 11% off almost everything at checkout.

Blockstream hosted mining

Blockstream Mining reduces risk and lowers the threshold to participate in the proof-of-work process. Through their hosted mining services, they make it easy for anyone to mine!

Sazmining hosted mining for individuals

Do you want to mine Bitcoin but outsource the hosting of your miners to professionals? Check out Sazmining's hosted options.

Buy your mining hardware at Mining wholesale

Mining Wholesale is a European company that, since 2013, focuses on selling Bitcoin mining equipment such as graphics cards, ASIC miners and accessories. 

Blockstream Satellite

Blockstream Satellite offers an alternative way to receive the Bitcoin blockchain through a satellite connection. This protects users from network problems and prevents a node from becoming isolated. In short, with Blockstream Satellite you stay connected to the Bitcoin network, even without internet.

Bitcoin Brabant, Bitcoin mining

Bitcoin Brabant is an expert in Bitcoin mining. Want to build a mining facility, heat business premises or use excesive energy more effectively?

Bitcoin Brabant offers a tailor-made solution.

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