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Below are a number of frequently asked questions. In case the information you are looking for is not listed here, please do not hesitate to contact me. I aim to answer all messages within 24 hours.

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Can I contact you for financial advice?

I do not provide financial or investment advice. I help you by using my knowledge & experience regarding the purchase, security and custody of Bitcoin. I also help with the management of associated software & hardware.

Can I contact you for advice to trade?

My services are focused on deploying Bitcoin the network and managing Bitcoin as a financial instrument. I'd love to help you look beyond Bitcoin as a speculative asset.

Can I contact you for advice on Crypto, NFTs & Defi?

My opinion on this is that you better go to the casino if you want to gamble. I can help you in an educational conversation to get more clarity about Bitcoin and why you should avoid Crypto, Defi and NFTs. 

This sounds very interesting, what kind of prices can I expect?

The first consult is always free of charge. I provide custom solutions and believe it is important to add value. That's why I offer my knowledge and experience according to the value for value model. You are free to do a (Bitcoin) donation when you believe my support was valuable. 

Can I pay with Bitcoin?

Yes, please.

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