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Buy Bitcoin

Looking for a reliable place to buy Bitcoin? You came to the right place! Bitcoin-Partner has partnerships with trusted European Bitcoin brokers and peer to peer platforms that offer a safe and secure way to buy Bitcoin.

I believe in the importance of taking control of your own bitcoin. That's why our partners allow you to custody your own bitcoin, ensuring that you have full control over your keys. This protects you from potential issues such as;

  • exchanges denying access to your bitcoin

  • exchanges filing for bankruptcy

  • exchanges being hacked

  • exchanges holding insufficient bitcoin on their platform.

Bitcoin-Partner prioritizes partners whom offer transparency, privacy, and security when it comes to buying bitcoin. And if you need a little extra help getting started, we offer online support to guide you through the process.

"Not your keys, not your Bitcoin¨.

Relai swiss wallet buy bitcoin without KYC

Easily buy Bitcoin up to €900.-  per day without KYC verification on Relai app.

Use code BITCOIN-PARTNER for a 0.5% reduction on transaction costs. As soon as you set up an auto-invest plan of more than €100.- you reduce the transaction costs by another 1%.

Bitcoin Reserve Buy Bitcoin

Bitcoin Reserve helps serious investors participate in the Bitcoin revolution. Through this link you get €50.- discount on your fees with a first purchase of at least €3000.-! They have very competitive rates for Bitcoin purchases over €5000.- Special guidance for high net worth individuals and institutions as from €50,000.-

Bittr: Buying Bitcoin without KYC

Buy and receive Bitcoin directly in your own wallet. Up to €900.- per day without KYC registration! Bittr is registered in Switzerland: easy, user-friendly and transparent.

Peach: buy and sell Bitcoin without KYC

At Peach, you buy or sell KYC freely from other peers. This makes Bitcoin buying and selling private. So you don't buy Bitcoin from Peach, but via their platform.
Use referral code BITCOINPARTNER to claim your in-app reward.


Hodl Hodl is a KYC free peer-to-peer Bitcoin platform. The platform is committed to the privacy and security of users.

Register through this link or use referral code RKAJ and get a lifetime reduced transaction fees of 0.55%!

Bisq decentralized Bitcoin trading platform

Decentralized Bitcoin trading network for the advanced: buy and sell your Bitcoin on Bisq. Private by default, secure by design and free as in freedom.

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