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Bitcoin software tools

Bitcoin is a revolutionary software breakthrough and therefore an inspiration for many companies to handle their users' data differently. Bitcoin makes privacy and data security extremely important. Bitcoin is open source and uses cryptography. This makes it possible to take responsibility for your online activity.

Take back control of your online data in small steps.

Get familiar with alternatives to Google and other big tech. On this page you will find software tools for real Bitcoiners:

  • Bitcoin wallets

  • Lightning wallets

  • VPN

  • Encrypted email

  • Encrypted cloud storage

  • Encrypted calendar

  • Bitcoin payment solutions

Do you need help putting together your Bitcoin tools?

Contact me to schedule a call.

Sparrow Bitcoin desktop wallet

Sparrow is a Bitcoin wallet for people who value financial sovereignty. Sparrow emphasizes security, privacy and user-friendliness. 

Bitcoin en lightning wallet Bluewallet

Bluewallet is a user-friendly mobile Bitcoin wallet for everyone.

Radically simple, extremely powerful. 

Muun multisig bitcoin en lightning wallet

Muun is a self-custodial wallet for Bitcoin and Lightning. 

Simple and powerful, just like Bitcoin.

Blockstream green Bitcoin software wallet

Blockstream Green is a secure, reliable and user-friendly Bitcoin software wallet. Incl. 2FA for added security. Download the Blockstream Green software wallet for free and connect it to your own node and hardware wallet.

BTCPay server

The best way to accept Bitcoin. No costs, no middleman. Free, open source and self-hosted Bitcoin payment processor for sovereign individuals and businesses.

Lighting checkout

Are you looking for a custodial Bitcoin payment provider?

Contact Lightning Checkout if you need a Bitcoin point of sale, Bitcoin webshop payments or other custom work.

You can test a Lightning Checkout implementation here.

Proton encrypted email vpn calendar drive

To protect your data & privacy online you get via this link 33% discount on a 2 year subscription incl. ProtonMail, high speed ProtonVPN, ProtonCalendar and 500GB cloud storage with ProtonDrive!

Sync cloud storage

Sync is a secure and encrypted cloud storage provider that takes your privacy seriously. Create an account with Sync and protect your files.Use ref. code 71f7aa390 for free 1GB  additional storage space.

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